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Off-Night Open Thread

Depending upon who you talk to, there's either a lot going on tonight or very, very little. We'll find out here.

This picture...
This picture...

So there's the NBA Draft tonight, and there are 12 MLB teams playing worse baseball than our Cincinnati Reds.

Yak it up here, and if you want a Reds' topic to have, how about trying to name all the players in the Reds organization right now who you would consider "untouchable" at this year's Trade Deadline. Factor in contracts, signability, positional scarcity, organizational depth, and age.

My list?

Joey Votto

Brandon Phillips

Mat Latos

Johnny Cueto

Jay Bruce

Robert Stephenson

That's it. I think you could make an argument that in the right deal (which is the crux, of course) that all of the other players in the organization would be on the table. I nearly put Zack Cozart on the list due to the lack of other SS options in the system, but would it really shock you to find out the Reds were shopping for an upgrade at SS at the deadline this year?