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Red Reposter Late Nite: #FTC

The Reds have a long flight and then a few games in DFW. Gosh, couldn't happen soon enough.

Fuck the coasts.
Fuck the coasts.
Lourdes Gruesome

Reds lost today 5-0. My boy Cinnerman gave up a run, which was much more than the Athletics needed. The Reds really killed all their luck with the white shoe crew in 1990 and have been paying back it ever since. Anyways...

Joey Votto: Not Perfect. He's apparently disappointed with his defense. I can't decide if his perfectionist motor will be the reason he's great through age 40 or will burn himself down in a few years.

Chris Heisey feels good. Good for you buddy. Call me when you hit good.

Everett AquaSox players chasing a cat. The only thing more elusive than Billy Hamilton out there.

Aric Almirola comes out in defense of cream cheese guava pastries. I really want to race somebody in eating these at some point. Any takers? Also but unrelated: Who is Aric Almirola?

Baseball Players I Can Now and Will Marry. NotGraphs brings the topical political humor. I think we all know which infielder you would all go for, but which outfielder? My preference is D-Rob: he seems to be funny and he's a hell of a cook.

Howard Megdal interviews everyone's favorite Long Island Duck. Is there anyone more likable than Dontrelle Willis? Is there any better way to start a story than "I'm not a complex dude"? It's a neat little article - I know I eat this sort of shit up - and Ben Broussard also makes a cameo appearance. Sports on Earth is doing great work, and this article is one of them.

But all in all, it's been a long week. Lets comiserate with some Skate 3.