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Red Reposter - Headin' West

The Reds head West for a 2 game series against the Oakland A's. That's not really what most of this is about, though.

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Searching for "Oakland Cincinnati" resulted in 1,000 Carson Palmer pictures and this.  I chose this.
Searching for "Oakland Cincinnati" resulted in 1,000 Carson Palmer pictures and this. I chose this.
Jonathan Daniel

Fresh off an off day after 17 consecutive days with games, the Reds barrel into Oakland tonight. Just a few tidbits here from a Reuters preview, since it seems that I can't glean much of any local previews from the Oakland Tribune or the San Jose Mercury News. If you happen to have an online subscription, here's a link to a San Francisco Chronicle article that appears to detail the long standing friendship between Bryan Price and A's manager Bob Melvin. Of you can just look at that picture, read the first paragraph, and collectively feel sorry for the Mariners.

Bob Sherwin of the Seattle Times broke down the Reds/A's match up, complete with quotes from some of the teams' biggest stars. It appears that questioning lineup decisions in Cincinnati has been a point of contention for decades now. No matter, though; they seem to work out well enough in the end.

This. This is fantastic. Just in case you needed any more reason to follow @BestFansStLouis, now you have one. Props to C. Trent for making this happen.

Greg Rachac of the Billings Gazette sat down with Mustangs' manager Pat Kelley to interview him as the Pioneer League was set to begin. Just a little bit of insight into how the Reds' Rookie League focuses on player development and the success they've had at it.

If you've got time to kill, check this out. I think I could listen to this over and over again and my goosebumps would never go away. For as much as we lambast Marty for how he fills time between big plays, there's no doubt in my mind that he is one of the all-time best at portraying big moments in baseball so that the listeners don't just feel like they're there, but that they remember exactly what happened.

Finally, angeeh dropped this gem in the Red-io Reporter thread, and I've got to give BuzzFeed credit...I got the giggles.