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Red-io Reporter

It's Red Reporter on the airwaves!

Kevin Mitchell is Invisible Batman
Kevin Mitchell is Invisible Batman
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The Red Reporter media blitz continued on Monday, as I once again had the chance to talk Reds baseball (among many other things) with Trevor Kelsey of The Afternoon Drive on 1450 The Sports Buzz out of the Louisville area. We've had our interns and personal assistants in constant contact with their interns and personal assistants, and after they combed over our schedules and agendas, we finally settled on Monday afternoons as the best time of the week to talk Cincinnati Reds baseball...and geography.

On this episode, we talked primarily about the Reds disappointing series in Arizona and what particularly went wrong to cause the Reds to drop 2 of 3. We also took a quick and dirty glimpse into the soft-tossing match-up scheduled for Tuesday between the A's Tommy Milone and Bronson Arroyo, and we touched on how important it is to take at least 2 of 3 from the Texas Rangers over the weekend since the pitching match-ups seem, on balance, to slightly favor the Reds.

Couple that with pronunciation lessons, a breakdown of the Left Field situation, and some good old fashioned Tony Cingrani worship, and you've got yourself 20+ minutes of radio goodness.

I'm on at the 60 minute mark exactly (complete with theme music, CHUH CHUH). Check it out!