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Red Reposter: T-T-T-Tony and the schedule

In this edition, we discuss Tony Cingrani's immediate future and the pre-All-Star-break crucible waiting for your favorite team.

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"Wooooaaaaahhhhhh, that chick looks just like Julia Louis Dreyfus!"
"Wooooaaaaahhhhhh, that chick looks just like Julia Louis Dreyfus!"
Andy Lyons

The reds kept Tony Cingrani around even with Johnny Cueto returning
Seems like it was just in case Johnny fell apart, but it's possible Tony sticks around to help out in the bullpen. Both Sean Marshall and Jonathan Broxton are currently on the DL and the entire unit is struggling. Cingrani could be a real asset down there until one or the other gets back.

Personally, I think that's a good idea. I'm on board with giving Cingrani every opportunity to start, but he can probably only throw about 180 innings this season before the team shuts him down. A few weeks in the 'pen could give him a mid-season breather and allow him to throw meaningful innings later in the season. Also, you know, the bullpen could use a machine gunner like him.

Redleg Nation says the next four weeks could define the season
The Reds face perhaps the toughest part of their schedule, with 16-straight games against winning teams. The Cardinals, on the other hand, are in prime position to create some daylight in the standings. They have only six games in their next 24 against winning teams. Hold on to your butts. The electric fences are down and the dinosaurs just ate Newman.

Hall o' Famer Hal got kind of indignant after the Reds' loss to the Brewers on Saturday
It's like the old fella never saw a last-place team beat a good team before. Jeez lah-weeze.

On Saturday, the Reds celebrated the 75th anniversary of Johnny Vander Meer's two-consecutive no-hitters
Vander Meer's second cousin John Vander Meer (no relation) was in attendance as a guest of the Reds.

In case you missed it last night
kcgard2 posted an org injury report. It's worth a look-see.

Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto are both still leading their respective positions in All-Star voting
Vote Reds. Vote now. Vote America.