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Reds react to Tonys

A Friday List

I had a chance this week to discuss last Sunday's Tony Awards show with some current Reds. Here are their reactions:

Joey Votto - "Didn't see it."

Jay Bruce - "Uh, no. I guess I missed it."

Todd Frazier - "Is that the one for music? Oh, my bad. I'm thinking Grammys. What are the Tonys again?"

Tony Cingrani - "My what?"

Ryan Hanigan - "We were playing the Cardinals on Sunday night so I missed it. I DVR'd it though and had a chance to watch it last night when we got home from Chicago. I love watching awards shows on DVR because you can zip right through the commercials and the lame tech categories and just watch the good parts.

NPH was magical, as always. I hope he hosts for the next jillion years. That opening number was off the charts. My favorite bit though was when he did that number with Megan Hilty and the dude from The New Girl about being on TV shows. That killed me! I never watched The New Girl myself, but Megan Hilty was incredible on Smash. The name of the show was ironically appropriate, because that shit was a train wreck (aside from her, of course). It was mercifully canceled by NBC.

As for the award winners, I was elated to see Carrie Coon nominated for Featured Actress in a Play. She went to high school with a friend of mine, so I kinda know her indirectly. Sweet girl. She didn't even major in theatre in college, though. She started as a bio-chem major or a business major or something like that and the theatre department had to BEG her to join up! Can you believe that? And now she's a Tony nominee! Great to see her nominated, and well-deserved, too. That revival of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? was mesmerizing and she was mesmerizing in it.

Was anyone surprised that Kinky Boots swept up? It's a great show and all, but when one show is so much better than everything else in a season, it just takes all the suspense out of the awards ceremony.

Did anyone seriously see Bring It On: The Musical? How many dicks did they have to suck to get the nom for Best Musical? What a disgrace.

Wasn't Cyndi Lauper just adorable?! I've had the score to Kinky Boots in heavy rotation on my iPod for like six months solid. She deserves everything she gets.

Bronson Arroyo - "What the shit? Uh, no dude. Are you gay?"