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Red-io Reporter - Can Cincy stay hot against the Brewers and the Buccos?

Take your mind off today's titanic struggle with Red Reporter's latest appearance on the radio.

David Banks

Yesterday, I made another appearance on the Afternoon Drive on Louisville's 1450 The Sports Buzz. At the time, the Reds were locked in a pitching duel with the Cubs, and Travis Wood was holding Cincinnati scoreless and hit-less. Luckily, the Reds later scored a couple of runs, and that proved to be enough.

Host Trevor Kelsey and I discussed the Reds' struggles against the Cardinals and the Rockies. Cincinnati's normally rock-solid rotation faltered in those series, but I don't think there's any reason to worry about the Reds' starters going forward. However, I have a feeling that we will discuss Cincinnati's bullpen woes with Trevor again in the future.

We also broke down Travis Wood's dominant start against Cincinnati, not knowing that the Reds would later touch him for two runs. Next, Trevor and I looked at the Reds' upcoming series against Milwaukee and Pittsburgh. After a string of successful seasons, the Brewers have cratered this year, posting an ugly 27-38 record so far. Hopefully, Cincinnati can win two or three games in that series, and then take three from Pittsburgh.

Finally, we talked about Cincinnati's draft picks. After hearing me talk about Phillip Ervin, you'll remember just how outstanding Thundering Turtle's draft coverage is.

Thanks again to Trevor Kelsey and everyone at 1450 The Sports Buzz for having me on the show yesterday. You can listen to the show here. I come on around the 19:30 mark.