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Reds Reposter: Nightcap and/or Night Owl Edition

The Reds keep winning, and the best cure to a iffy bullpen is starting pitching.

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The Happy Shark
The Happy Shark
Mike McGinnis

The Reds won 2-1 today thanks to a masterful 8-inning, 3-hit, 7-strikeout start by Mike Leake. Todd Frazier added a home run and a random high five to a fan on his way back to the dugout. It was very quick and very cool. The fourth and final game of the series is tomorrow at 2:20 ET, when Mat Latos takes on Jeff Samardzija. It should be another close affair unless the Reds can get to Jeffy in a jiffy.

If you're looking for a nightcap game to watch, there's a good one in Los Angeles. Vin Scully calls the Dodgers hosting the Diamondbacks a night after a big brawl that involved Don Mattingly throwing a coach to the ground and Mark McGwire giving what looked like a dental examination to Matt Williams. Dan Corbin tries to keep his hot start going against Ryu, who prefers to go by Ryu. It'll be a fun game to listen to Scully for. It starts at 10:10 ET.

Lots of interesting stories in the pRavda. Dusty talked about giving Votto a day off and...chill y'all. Especially you, BubbaFan. It'll happen. "When I see his performance slow down and I see his bat slow down, then that's when I'll give him a day off." Okay. My bet is still one of the days of the two-day Oakland series, when Lutz can be at 1B and Paul at DH and there are off-days on either side of it.

Cingrani is saguine, awesome. I know my crush on Cinnerman is getting a little weird at this point, but I don't really care. I love the guy. He pitches like he genuinely wants to embarrass everyone who steps into the batters box, but he's saying all the right things. "I think coming up here you have to win, in the minors you work on things," Cingrani said. "When I went down there, I worked on a slider and getting command of a curveball. Up here it worked really well." Also in that article are C. Trent going through Brooks Baseball (Hi, (C)Over The Rhinesencrans! I know you're reading!), Cingrani talking with Homer Bailey and getting more than five words in response, and Dusty discussing the "Cingrani as LOOGY" option (which he says he won't do because he wants Cinnerman as a starter). Real good article over there. Read it.

Fangraphs picks their NL All-Star team. Your Reds are Votto, Phillips, Choo, and Chapman. I know we all want more of the pitchers on it, but a lot of the Lone Team Representatives are going to be pitchers, so what can you do? I know some people love arguing about this. So here it is.

MLB will open in Australia, not Japan, in 2014. Yawn. They can have their opening day wherever, we all know that Opening Day is in Cincinnati.

"Their beef—and it is fuelled by burning anger—is with authority and insincerity."