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All of a Sudden, the Reds Win! Reds 6, Cubs 2

The Reds played the Cubs tonight, and all of a sudden they won after 3 hours and 3 minutes of playing baseball.

Foggier than Pops Daniels circa '02.
Foggier than Pops Daniels circa '02.
Brian Kersey

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star(s) of the Game

Tonight, Brandon Phillips and Homer Bailey were all the offense and the defense that was needed by the Reds, and they'll get to share the award with each other along with the commemorative cupcake that comes along with it. Isn't that nice?

Phillips tied his career high with a 6 RBI night that featured a grand slam off of Cubs starter Scott Feldman, and Homer went 8 innings while allowing zero earned runs and striking out 8 Cubs. When your 3/4 starter is that dominant and your cleanup hitter is cleaning up, you're going to have a good day.

Honorable mentions are due to Xavier Paul, who had 2 hits and a nifty, albeit awkward, sliding catch in LF, and Zack Cozart, who went 2 for 4 and scored 3 runs after returning to his usual 2nd spot in the order.

Key Plays

  • The Reds, I say the Reds got this one started early with yet another Shin-Soo Choo HBP (presumably not in retaliation to Cueto buzzing David DeJesus' tower and Matt Garza trying to act like Todd while actually being more like Marty), and after a Zack Cozart fielder's choice and a Joey Votto ground out, Cozart came around to score on a BP oppo single. Reds led, 1-0.
  • Things got a lot more Beepy in the Top of the 3rd. Homer Bailey reached on an infield single, Cozart singled to left, Votto singled to right, and Phillips destroyed a hanging breaking ball from Feldman deep over the wall in left. All of a sudden, the Reds led, 5-0.
  • In the Bottom of the 6th, the Cubs scraped a run across the board, but Phillips was even kind enough to help with that. After a leadoff double from Luis Valbuena, Nate Schierholtz hit a soft grounder towards BP, and the Reds 2B attempted to make the spectacular play...but it didn't quite pan out. Phillips threw wide of Votto after barehanding the grounder, and Valbuena came around to score. No matter, however, as BP got another one back with a productive ground out in the Top of the 8th after Cozart singled, Votto walked, and Cozart took 3rd on a wild pitch. All of a sudden, the Reds had their 5 run lead back, 6-1.
  • After Homer exited following 8 stellar innings, the bullpen threatened to bullpen again in the 9th, but fortunately for my hair, your hair, Dusty's psyche, and btcoop's dog, Alfredo Simon managed to limit the damage to just one run thanks to some solid defense by Donald Lutz, and that was all she wrote. Reds win, 6-2!

Much Better FanGraph Section than Last Night's FanGraph Section

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" height="450" width = "450" style="border:1px solid black;"></iframe><br /><span style="font-size:9pt;">Source: <a href="">FanGraphs</a></span>

Other Notes