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Red Reposter: A Hundred and One LeCures

Why are people angry? Are they watching what I'm watching? Because what I'm watching is awesome.

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Lots of things happening on this lovely little off-day as the Reds gear up to face the Brewers. Your best bet for tonight's game is the RA BJs facing the DP14 in TB. Scott Kazmir vs. Bartolo Colon (Indians vs. A's) is 2004's best matchup, which makes me smile. Anyways, some good AL ball on tonight. Go check it out.

Walt Jocketty is pleased with what's going on so far. "If you look at the injuries we've had and the schedules -- the opponents we've played, plus playing 20 consecutive days, some tough road trips -- I am happy," He's right, of course. It's a long season and the Reds are in a good position now that they can ease up on the gas and start pummeling folks. They're in a better spot than they were in early May in 2010 and 2012. Let's wait before we start freaking out with storylines.

Johnny Beisbol is a Dragon for a Day. Very, very, excited to get him back, because he's my favorite Red (although Cinnerman is coming close).

Both C. Trent and Sheldon have Arroyo and Bailey talking about JA Happ. They also are talking about other things. Okay.

Amir Garret will be heading to Cal State Northridge to continue his basketball career. It's not much of a career, but I can't really begrudge the guy for following a dream now, can I? The Matadors have produced a few professional baseballs, including Kameron Loe, Adam Kennedy, and Bobby Fick. Garret of course cannot play for their baseball team. CSU-Northridge has a delightfully insane list of notable alumni: Paula Abdul, Morris Chestnut, Jamshid Delshad the first Iranian elected official in the US, Richard Dreyfuss, Cheech Marin, Serj Tankian, and I'm really just getting started. Let's hope Garret joins this notable bizarre list.

Fluff article on Sammy LeCure and Momma LeCure. Sam has seven siblings. He's the youngest and the oldest is 50. Sam has 16 nieces and nephews. Healthy family, that.

I wrote about Dutch baseball. If you haven't read it yet, please read about Dutch baseball.

Thank you and have a great day!