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1,600 Red Reposters

After last night's drama, Dusty Baker sits alone at 18th place on the all-time wins list with 1,600.


A collateral benefit of Shin-Soo Choo's walk-off last night was boosting Dusty's career win total. With a 1,600-1,446 record, Dusty moved ahead of his former manager, Tommy Lasorda, into sole possession of 18th place on the managerial win list. "That was one of the best victories I can remember out of the 1,600. It might be the top one. It's quite an honor to pass my old skipper, Tom Lasorda, too. I tied Tom Lasorda against my old club, the Cubs. I passed him with my original club, the Braves. That was probably the best victory I could imagine." Dusty might not yet have a HOF resume, but ten of those ahead of him are already enshrined, and three more (Cox, Torre, and Lucifer) are likely. Fox Sports profiled Baker earlier this week, recounting the bumps along Dusty's road to 1,600.

Mike Leake hopes to deliver 1,601 for Baker this afternoon. It would be nice to win a series against someone who isn't Chicago or Florida.

Hacky piece on Jay Bruce's struggles from the Columbus Dispatch. Obviously, he's slumping. But when you're "paid to hit home runs (plural)" [ed: burn!], your punishment for slumping will be subjection to any number of truisms from Joe Morgan on the evils of striking out.

Fangraphs takes a look at Billy Hamilton's season. Farmers' Only has dutifully noted his tepid hitting, but it's nice to hear some confirmation that he's taken to Centerfield quite well: "He has crazy range in the outfield, and he has at least an average arm. Hamilton looks natural and confident in center field, and I wouldn't be surprised if he posted a crazy UZR or DRS year down the road."

Gold must be down, because JS Gold & Coin ain't paying their Diamond Seats bills. The Reds have sued JS for about $26K for failing to pay for their 2013 seats.

The Reds' struggle to get corner OF production has been well-chronicled, but Xavier Paul is doing his part. And not just at the plate, either (where he's posted a cromulent 100 OPS+). "I'm taking fly balls in batting practice, shagging real hard. I'm taking them in all three positions." Wait, there's three positions?