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I got the chance to yammer on about Reds baseball with the guys on the Afternoon Drive over at 1450 The Sports Buzz in Louisville. Luckily for me, I remembered enough English to sound smarter than a banana slug.

Jonathan Daniel

The Red Reporter Media Assault continues!

Trevor Kelsey and I chatted Reds baseball yesterday afternoon over at 1450 The Sports Buzz, and I'd like thank them once again for having an RR on for yet another week.

We talked 90's music, one hit wonders, how Bronson Arroyo would stack up against the Cleveland Indians lineup, the Parker Executive Search firm, and the awesomeness that is Joey Votto.

I also reluctantly gave some praise to that other team that wears Red and white in that other Midwestern city that crolfer can smell from Columbia, broke down the way the schedule has been through May (and what the Reds can look forward to as they head into June), and tried my best to not bring up Paul Daugherty.

I'm on in the second segment, which starts at roughly the 17 minute mark, but Trevor goes on a pretty hilarious Rutgers tangent in the first segment that's funny to listen to, too.

Check it out!