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Red Reposter: Leake's livelier fastball

Mike Leake is throwing his fastball more often and with more zip.

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Andy Lyons
Fangraphs: Comparing April Velocities to April 2012 Velocities

Brett Talley takes the velocity comparisons one step further by looking at April velocities specifically. Many of these analyses simply compare a player's to-date velocity with his velocity from all of last year. The problem is that pitchers tend to throw harder as the season progresses and the temperature rises in the summer. By comparing apples to apples, Talley gives us a better idea of which pitchers are truly throwing harder or softer this year. Mike Leake and Homer Bailey have both boosted their velocity compared to a year ago while Mat Latos has lost 1.5 miles per hour off his fastball since last April.

Daugherty: Jay Bruce should focus on hitting, not Twitter

P-Doc says that Bruce should stop tweeting if he's going to treat Twitter as a meaningful form of communication. However, Brandon Phillips is successful on Twitter, because he only tweets light-hearted material. However, in conclusion Daugherty says Twitter is "a highly disposable form of communication. If you don't take it seriously." No, the article doesn't make sense to me either.

Baseball Nation: Twitter and its Terrible Dangers

Rob Neyer responds to Daugherty's column as well as David Price's fiasco on Twitter.

Redleg Nation: At last—the Reds are on TV in Afghanistan

John Ring recounts his first experience with the 2013 Reds from afar. Travel Back To The 80’s In Joe Morgan’s Time Machine

Joe Morgan is selling his house in Oakland, CA. Red Hot Mama's Zeldink counters the original article's snark with some snark of his own.