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Should Tony Cingrani be getting more recognition?

Tony wears high socks, too.
Tony wears high socks, too.
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Hear me out here. We're one month into the season, and you have two pitchers performing remarkably similarly. For example:

Pitcher 1: Age 24, 2-0 record, 3 GS, 1.59 ERA, 15 K, 4 BB, 17 IP, 1.176 WHIP
Pitcher 2: Age 23, 2-0 record, 3 GS, 1.50 ERA, 28 K, 4 BB, 18 IP, 0.889 WHIP

These pitchers are both rookies, and one just won the Rookie of the Month Award for April with these stats. I think by now you know where I'm going with this. That is Pitcher 1 in our scenario. His name is Justin Grimm, and he has not been as good as Tony Cingrani in any measurable way. Tony Cingrani is Pitcher 2 here.

Did he get robbed for this award? I can't help but think that he did. What do you think? Is Tony Cingrani getting the recognition he deserves?