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Reds Tweet-Up May 10th

Jeff Curry

Heads up, Red Reporters. I know there are tons of you on twitter, so a lot of you have already heard about this, but the first Reds Tweet-Up night is scheduled for next Friday, May 10th. It's a good chance to visit with like-minded people (like myself) so you should come (because I'll be there and we should hang out).

Not only do you get a ticket to a game, but it comes with a free t-shirt and you get to hang out with twitter celebrities like Joel Luckhaupt, the OMGReds guys, Dallas Latos, and James Ramsey. I've been before and it's a pretty good time. Not only that, they picked a better section for it this year, so for your $30, you're getting a $36 ticket and a t-shirt. Ain't nothing wrong with that, folks. Get all of the information here:

Going? Let me know and we'll hang out or something. Don't have twitter? It probably doesn't matter, get one anyway. See you there.