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Sean Marshall back to the DL, Manny Parra Activated

The injuries keep coming. Sean Marshall is sent to the disabled list for the second time this season.

Kevin C. Cox

It seemed strange on Wednesday when Sean Marshall didn't warm up late in the game with two lefties due up for the Mets. After the game we learned that he was dealing with some shoulder fatigue. Today we learn that the "fatigue" is bad enough to necessitate a trip to the disabled list. Manny Parra has been activated to take on the LOOGY role in the Reds bullpen.

Marshall has only pitched 7 innings for the Reds this year due to a previous stint on the DL and Dusty's apparent decision to only allow Marshall to pitch to left-handed hitters. Parra was pretty terrible in his brief time with the Reds this year, giving up 15 hits and 6 earned runs over 6.2 IP, before he was injured. In 3 games at AA Pensacola, Parra has been effective, striking out 5 without allowing a run over 5 innings.

We certainly hope there's nothing seriously wrong with Marshall, as he is one of the best relief pitchers the Reds have when healthy, but two trips to the DL before June due to shoulder issues... a little scary if you ask me.