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Farmers Only: I Had an Awesome Huge Post and SB Nation Devoured It

Looks to be lost to the bowels of the internet, dammit

Roy and his magic tie are pissed about my post being lost
Roy and his magic tie are pissed about my post being lost
Grant Halverson

I spent a solid hour last night putting together a nice, big post about the Dragons and their 6-4 win over the Whitecaps, but it looks like the SB Nation site issues have claimed another victim. RIP, awesome post. Goodbye, recs that will never come back. Adios, lost funnies. Fare thee well, mildly interesting analysis of the Dayton roster to date.

But seriously, wtf? I am displeased. If SBN was Mat Latos (it isn't, Latos is much awesomer), then I feel like going all Jay Bruce on it. Anyway, here's a very abridged version of the post I had scheduled to hit you kids this morning, lost forever to the ether.

Dayton won, like I said before, and like I wrote last night. They shined bright on their day in the spotlight as the only Reds' minor league affiliate with a scheduled contest. Jesse Winker rip van'd a 2-run homer to break an 8th-inning tie, giving the Dragons their fifth win in their last six games, three of which have been decided by late inning long balls. Winker continues to tear the cover off the ball, now sporting a third-in-the-league OPS of .954, and he went 2-4 on the night he was crowned Midwest League Batter of the Week. Junior "High Was a Nightm-" Arias stole his 20th and 21st base, also good for third in the league, and Seth Mejias-Brean "Casserole" smacked a double as part of a 2-4 night as well.

Pedro Diaz gave up 4 runs in 5 innings, but the bullpen put the lockdown on the Whitecaps, following with 4 innings of no-hit ball. Dayton is all of the sudden on a bit of a run, and if guys like Ismael Guillon and Tanner Rahier can get their shit together (coughSBNationcough) they might just be able to turn their season around. Up next: Drew Cisco (2-3, 2.88) and the boys host the Whitecaps at 7.