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Red-io Reporter: The RR Media Blitz Continues

Red Reporter - King of All Media

Chris Trotman

Whether we're blog posting, SlydePress publishing, podcasting or kicking it with Chris Welsh; you can't escape the wide reach of RR Media Empire. While it's not yet confirmed, rumors are that KMiB, FordhamRam and Bresser are working on a remake of the hit show "Two and a Half Men." In addition, -ManBearPig has started a YouTube channel dedicated to fashion tips for wearing the clothing of elderly women.

I joined the folks of the Afternoon Drive show on 1450 Sports Buzz yesterday immediately following the Reds victory. I was greeted by glorious sound of the "Saved By the Bell" theme.

Topics discussed:

  • Reds win!

  • Mat Latos, 20 game winner?

  • Successful road trip!

  • Jay Bruce, consistently inconsistent?

  • How lucky are Reds fans to have Joey Votto? (spoiler alert: very lucky!)

  • Cueto's return, possible lingering injury issues

  • Inter-league play and the inevitability of the DH in the NL

  • Upcoming series: Cubs, Indians, etc...

The segment starts around the 17:20 mark. Listen and laugh at me as I start each and every answer with "yeah..."


Hi Chris!