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Off Day SIS: When did you stop playing baseball?

Al Bello

It's an off day, so we're going a little off topic today. Really, what prompted this was the comment Chris Welsh made on the broadcast the other night (thanks to ouipa for getting it):

“It’s a great discussion and debate about Jay Bruce, because there are a lot of people on different sides on that. You can read so much on the internet. I’ve got one favorite little website: Red Reporter. It’s a lot of guys…I don’t know if any of them ever played baseball or not, but they certainly understand the sabermetrics approach, and it’s a pretty knowledgeable process a lot of them write about. They had a roundtable, has Jay Bruce finally turned the corner?

Well Chris, let's answer that question for you today. Obviously, I'm not aware of any current or former major leaguers among our ranks at RR (besides our friend Mr. Welsh), but that begs the question: How far did you take your baseball career?

Personally, I was a scrappy outfielder that was basically the kind of player I can't stand now. I played on mostly rec league teams and had fun, but was never really good enough to go any further with it. I think deep down, I knew that, but part of being a kid is that dream that one day you'll be appearing in a clutch situation in a World Series game. I'll admit, it took slightly longer for that to die in my mind, but it was pretty much over for me when I had my ankle in a cast after my sophomore year of high school. What about you? When was the moment where you discovered that you weren't destined to be a major league ballplayer?