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Farmers Only: Chad Rogers is a Good Neighbor

Boring name, boring style, bitchin' results

not Tuckered out yet
not Tuckered out yet
Norm Hall
  • Loo-uh-vull was off yesterday after Manny Burriss accidentally butt-dialed 9-1-1, evacuating part of Louisville Slugger Field. Up next: Armando Galarraga looks for that elusive perfect game in Buffalo at 7:05.
  • Pensacola was gravy'd by the Biscuits, losing at home, 2-1. Gold stars go to Tucker Barnhart, who blue-eyed a solo homer (into 25+ MPH winds blowing in from center, apparently), and Chad Rogers, who pitched 6 innings of 4-hit, 1-unearned-run ball, with 7 K to just one walk. Y'know, ol' Sharkbait may just be the most underrated pitching prospect in the system. Mister Rogers doesn't have crazy strikeout numbers, but he limits his walks, takes a mean trolley to the land of make believe, and is a groundball machine. Last night, 10 of the 11 batters who made outs by contact did so via a ground ball. He's sporting a nifty 1.76 ERA on the season, with the best K-rates since low-A (22.4%; 7.63 K/9), and a foxy little 2.35 BB/9 to boot. Needless to say, the rest of the game was pretty boring. Chris Manno "from Heaven" and Kyle Lotzkar combined for 3 scoreless innings of relief, and a few other guys hit a single. Up next: Ryan Dennick (1-1, 2.74) against the Biscuits at 8.
  • Bakersfield won again! They held off a late rally from first-place San Jose to hang on for the win, 6-4. Marquez "It Zero! Over the Line!" Smith honked a solo Walter Sobchak, and the rest of the team combined to hit 10 singles and walk thrice. The pitching was meh (except The Prophet), but the Blaze still won their third straight. Up next: Jon Moscot (0-3, 7.36) at San Jose noon-oh-five Weezt Coast Time.
  • Dayton won the opener of their road trip, beating Clinton 11-7. Junior Arias led the offense, going 3-5 with a 2-run dinglehopper and 2 steals. He was a double shy of the cycle, but his triple was actually him getting thrown out at the plate attempting an inside-the-park home run. Jesse Winker sat out with a hurt calf, but the offense didn't seem to miss him, smacking 6 extra-base hits against the Lumber Kings (what is with minor league team names?). Robert Stephenson crushed my hopes and dreams again a little bit, giving up 4 runs in 5 innings, walking 4 and striking out 4. Would love to see him go out there and dominate soon. Up next: Ismael Guillon (0-3, 8.64) will try to throw strikes against the Lumber Kings at 7:30.