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Phillies-Reds Baseball with "From the Phans" on CBS Radio

Michael Cerio, host of From the Phans, and I talk about the upcoming Reds-Phillies series, and he gets jealous of how good the Reds are, naturally.

Before the Reds-Phillies series last season, Michael Cerio reached out to Red Reporter to do a segment on "From the Phans," a talk radio show aimed at fans of Phillies baseball to talk about all things Phillies from the viewpoint of the common fan. Michael invited us back to preview the series again this year, and hopefully will continue to collaborate with us to make this an annual tradition. It gets Red Reporter's name out on the airwaves, and Michael's a good guy, and who doesn't like to talk Reds baseball? It's a win-win-win. And since this is the best Reds team of all time and the Phillies are a mess, even more wins.

Having chatted with Michael Cerio twice, I'm starting to notice that he likes to have a little fun with his guests. Unbeknownst to me at the time, he and partner Clifton Petty had a plot to bait me into Cardinals talk and perhaps some slight exaggeration about the greatness of the current Reds team. But it was all in fun - what would Red Reporter be if we didn't do much of the same all the time?

The segment can be heard on the From The Phans website. I enter about 80% of the way through the show (the timer wasn't working properly on the media player for me, sorry). We discuss Shin-Soo Choo, Tony Cingrani, the completeness of this Reds team, and a few other things in this short guest appearance. Thanks again to Michael, and as he says, I would wish the Phillies good luck, but I wouldn't mean it.

And don't make fun of my Kentucky accent this time, you guys.