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Farmers Only: Back in the Saddle

Another baby step forward for Daniel Corcino? Is SB Nation still broken? Can anyone hear me? Was I adopted?

I miss you, brave knight
I miss you, brave knight
Jim McIsaac
  • Louisville moved back to an even .500 with a 9-6 win over Charlotte. Daniel Corcino continued to pitch 5th-startery—which is great, considering the horsefarts he was throwing earlier in the season—going 5 innings, and giving up 2 runs. He only allowed three hits, and he struck out 7, walking 3. I'm slowly stepping back from the ledge in regards to Corcino. He's got a 15/9 K/BB ratio his last 5 starts (SSS? Sure, but so is the season), and there's at least some indication that he's making adjustments. Anyway, Supreme Leader Corky Miller dorked a stacheblast, and Felix Perez continued to purr on all cylinders (wait, what?) with a 3-4, BB, 3 RBI night. It was a good night with the sticks for the Bats, who collected 16 total hits coming from every guy who played. Up next: Chad "Car Care" Reineke (3-2, 3.72) faces Charlotte at 19:15.
  • Pensacola promenaded off on the Chattanooga Lookouts, winning 4-3 after Ryan LaMarre singled in Bryson Smith in the bottom of the tenth. The Wahoos got prototypical corner OF offense from their corner OFs, as Peabo and Joe Mather combined for 6 hits and 2 homers. Josh Smith had 24 points and 9 rebounds for the Hawks. Wait, sorry, Josh Smith went 6 innings allowing just one earned run on 7 hits, a pair of walks, and 4 K. Up next: Tim Crabbe (2-2, 2.27) looks to pinch the Lookouts at 8.
  • Bakersfield held Stockton to 3 hits, but only managed 5 of their own and lost to the Ports, 2-1. Juan Duran had 2 of those, one of which was a home run. Carlos Contreras was the hard-luck loser, striking out 9 in 6 innings and giving up just an unearned run on 2 hits and a walk, but his counterpart, Tanner Peters, went full-Verlander on the Blaze, striking out 10 in 8 innings with no walks and just the homer and 3 other harmless hits as blemishes. Never let the opposing pitcher go full-Verlander. Up next: He Who Must [Has] Not Be[en] Named will face Stockton at what is listed as 11:05 PM Pacific Time, but that can't possibly be right.
  • Dayton got creamed too as West Michigan wiped the floor with the Dragons in an 11-3 drubbing. If you think you can fit more cheesy idioms for losing into a sentence, be my guest. I don't really understand why anyone ever swings at pitches thrown by Ismael "Bad" Guillon anymore, as he walked 5 in 5 innings. If we round, The Guillontine's now walked more than a batter per inning in 6 of his 8 starts. He did manage to lower his ERA by only giving up 3 runs this time, so there's your silver lining (it's not real silver, probably just smooth aluminum foil). Most of the damage was done against Joey Housey, M.D., who may develop a Vicodin addiction after the beating he took (2IP, 7H, 8R, 0K). Not much offense...Seth Mejias-Brean and Robert Ramirez each had 2 hits, and Jeff "I don't think you're ready for this" Gelalich stole 2 bags. Up next: The Whitecaps are back at Fifth-Third Field for Thirsty Thursday, and Pedro Diaz (0-3, 5.30) is on the mound.