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Red Reposter: Premeditated Resentments

In this edition we continue to make fun of Paul Daugherty, discuss the future of Tony Cingrani, and fall in love with Joey Votto for the 1,000th time.


P-Doc: Adam Dunn is a horrible uncaring person, but Jay Bruce isn't. In his latest column on Jay Bruce's inconsistency at the plate, which curiously enough comes on the heels of Bruce's best stretch of the season, Daugherty breaks the news to Reds fans that Jay Bruce is not, in fact, Joey Votto. The overall theme of the article is sound, and it's an argument we've laid out here on these virtual pages time and time again - if Joey Votto came up with the hype that Jay Bruce did, and Bruce came with the hype that Votto did, you wouldn't see the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the fans and media every time Jay Bruce has a slump. Expectations as lofty as we the fans had for Jay Bruce are hard to live up to, and sadly, some of us see the failure to live up to those expectations as something wrong with Bruce, when in actuality there is something wrong with us.

Within this reasonable argument, Doc shoehorns this paragraph in there, beating a horse that died, rotted, and was picked clean by carrion five long years ago:

Unlike, say, Adam Dunn, Bruce has a big conscience. Dunn didn’t care much about anything but hitting baseballs 500 feet 40 times a year. Bruce works at his game. He tends to be hard on himself. "The way I’ve played the game makes it tough to sleep sometimes,’’ he said.

Seriously Paul, what in the actual fuck IS wrong with you?

Sheldon: Decision time for Cingrani coming soon. Johnny Cueto is slated to make his second rehab start tomorrow night, so there is a chance he will be back in the Reds rotation as soon as this Sunday. Tony Cingrani's performance has made the decision on who to send down a little more difficult than was initially intended. It's a good problem for the Reds brass have, and it seems like Cingrani is handling it well.

"Whatever they tell me to do, I will do," Cingrani said. "Leake has been here for four years, and I wouldn't be surprised if I go back down."

Personally, I have been blown away with how well the Cinnerman pitched for the Reds, but I don't think that anyone would argue that going back down to AAA to work on his secondary offerings would be a bad thing. The Reds will in all likelihood have a Saturn Nuts sized hole in the rotation next year that will need to be filled, and both Leake and Cingrani will be tasked to shoulder that load in 2014. If it is Tony that gets sent down, he will obviously be ready in the event of another injury this season (God forbid), or if Leake pitches his way out of the rotation.

Prepare to swoon. MLB Network posted their 10 minute long interview with the Face of MLB, Joey Votto. Highlights include Harold Reynolds making Votto uncomfortable, Joey talking about His nipples, the phrase "Tweets Above Replacement," Votto discussing his famous at bat against Derek Lowe, and lots of hand talking. Seriously, click through and watch this.

This was linked in a thread over the weekend, but it's some of Brisbee's best work. If you missed it, be sure and check out the lulz.