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"Und Ziss Is How We Zay Gootbye in German" - Reds 5, Brewers 1

Lutz is your cool friend from study abroad, Bronson is such a douche but gets all the chicks, and you? You're the protagonist in this summer's hot new film that the critics are raving about.

Joe Robbins

Donald Lutz was called up from Pensacola to hit dingers and eat pork products. And some jackamope in the Reds' clubhouse staff ran out of pork products. This is my third different movie reference and I'm only at the lede. It's gonna be a rough recap without 'MiBby to lead us.

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Donald Lutz, folks. He looked to still be figuring things out in AA Pensacola, and he hasn't blown the doors off of this little ol' BMW quite yet, but he's held his own in Zinzinnati. Lutz went 1-3 today (which, so did the rest of the team), but his 2nd inning knockwurst was a knockout blow for the sausage eaters. He seems to be making himself popular with the big club, earning a big, elaborate, and honestly kind of weird hug from Latos after his dinger. Even Cingrani tried to bare his teeth after some prodding from Bryan Price to try this thing that his teammates call a "smile". It was no use, but neither was Wily "Mo" Peralta.

The biggest (well, to be honest, second-biggest) of big ups go to Bronson Arroyo. 6.2 IP, 5H, 1BB, 5K, 0ER was quite the kick in the shins for a scuffling Brewers club. Bronson also hit a single and had a decent bunt. A huge chunk of the Reds bullpen has gotten what is essentially two days of rest with the off-day coming up tomorrow. How cool is that?

Key Plays

  • The Reds started off their half of the second with two bits of professional hitting by BP and Jay-bird to put runners on first and second. The suddenly-struggling Frazier struck out, but then Donald bra(u/w)ned a pitch down the right field line for a three run weissbier. I don't know German. But the Reds were up 3-0.
  • After Arroyo retired the side in order in the top of the third (which was kind of A Thing all afternoon), the Reds came back in the bottom of the inning with some help from the Brewers. Votto singled, and then Phillips was going to GIBP by grounding the ball to the pitcher. Peralta threw the ball to the shortstop to start the DP, but unfortunately for him, Weeks was the one covering the bag. Votto moved to third when the ball moved to center field. Next, Jay Bruce grounded it to the second baseman, but Phillips had a great takeout slide on Segura that forced an errant throw, a safe Bruce, and a scoring Joey Votto. Reds 4, Brewers 0.
  • In the eight inning, Xavier Paul Lutz'd a honker way out to right field to add another run. I won't lie, I keep on waiting for him to fall to Earth, but he's been doing well so far, and his fielding has been rated by Fangraphs a positive. So who knows? Could be lucking into a Brady Clark kind of situation here. Anyways, Reds 5, Brewers, still nothin'.
  • Ol' Broxy came into the 8th. A pair of singles split by a grounder put runners on the corners. Broxton struck out Ryan Braun, but then flipped a very wild pitch that was scored a passed ball. Anyways, Alex Gonzalez, who is still playing baseball, came in to score. Reds 5, Brewers 1.
  • Chapman struck out the side in the ninth. Sounds about right.

Source: FanGraphs

Other Notes
  • You got to the bottom of this. Congrats! Now go read MiBby on Moms.
  • Ryan is Braun. But Donald Lutz is Brauner.
  • Reds have an off day tomorrow, then head to Miami to face what's left of the Marlins from Tuesday-Thursday.
  • Howie recommended some Elmore James, and since he went to prison, I won't begrudge him. Howie or Elmore.
  • Me? I'm partial to blues/funk singers who die under mysterious circumstances far from home. Let us leave home with words and chords to steel our souls. Bring it. Arisleh.