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Red Reposter - Choo and Todd and baseball and God

In this edition, we discuss the hot starts of Shin-Soo Choo and Todd Frazier as well as why in the H the Reds are so weird with the DL.


In case you hadn't noticed
Todd Frazier is being all awesome and stuff. He's hitting .480 so far and has mashed three bangers. If you are of the tweetin' persuasion, he also recently joined the Twitterverse with the moniker @FlavaFraz21.

Shin-Soo Choo is also crushing it
He is OPSing 1.308 so far with three honkers. He has also been hit by a pitch four times already. You guys, I'm so excited to have a lead-off man who gets on base.

You may have seen this on the highlight shows
This dude caught Jayson Werth's home run on Saturday one-handed with a little kid in his other arm. It's pr' cool.

Sean Marshall made his 2013 debut yesterday
He threw a perfect inning, highlighted by a strikeout of Bryce Harper. Marshall had not pitched since March 22 due to shoulder fatigue. For whatever stupid reason, the Reds did not place him on the DL to begin the season and chose to go with a shorthanded bullpen instead. Due in large part to this stupid decision, J.J. Hoover was pressed into duty in four of the first five games, throwing way too much and taking both of the losses so far. It has been said many times before and, I assume, will be repeated many times in the future, but the way this team operates its disabled list is baffling.

Friend of the blog Mo Egger wrote up a guide to Great American Ballpark for Yahoo's Big League Stew
It's a great overview of the ballpark experience and well-worth the read. He even links to -ManBearPig's beer guide from last week. Jam.

NYU's John Sexton wrote a book called Baseball as a Road to God
and Slate gives it a positive review. It seems like it could be a cool read if the Red Reporter Book Club ever lives up to its name.