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Louisville Bats Opening Night Open Thread: Bats vs. Toledo, 6:35 pm ET

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Farmers Only is BACK, bitches!

Mike Hessman's bat waiting to be used
Mike Hessman's bat waiting to be used
Andy Lyons

It's $1 beer happy hour night at Louisville Slugger Field as the Bats open the season against the Mud Hens. Louisville should be much better this year than last, with prospects moving up the ladder.

Billy Hamilton 8
Jason Donald 6
Felix Perez DH
Mike Hessman 3
Henry Rodriguez 5
Denis Phipps 9
Josh Fellhauer 7
Konrad Schmidt 2
Kris Negron 4
Tony Cingrani 1

It's a travesty that Corky is on the bench, but such is life. Go suck an egg, Riggleman. Did you guys know that Corky is pretty likely to break 3 of Louisville's minor league batting records? He needs 71 games, 45 hits, and 8 doubles to take the lead. Can he do it tonight? If anyone can, it's Corky.

How many bases will Billy steal tonight? How will Cingrani do against AAA batters? Will Mike Hessman hit more than 4 home runs? ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT!!!!!