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Red Reposter - Tony Cingrani ties Major-League record for impressing the hell out of me

In this edition, we deploy superlatives once reserved for Joey Votto to extoll the virtues of wunderkind Tony Cingrani.

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all things to all
all things to all

Hall o' Famer Hal compares Tony Cingrani to Randy Johnson
because oh my god this kid is like the next Randy Johnson. Hal thinks Johnny Cueto will be back in the next week or two and it will be Mike Leake who relinquishes his spot for him. I'll withhold judgement on this bit until the time comes, but with the way Cingrani has looked so far I certainly cannot argue.

OMGReds has the most bosstacular quote from Tony Cingrani
"That's what I do, I throw a fastball."

You guys, John Fay is pretty much the best
I don't know much about other teams' beat writers because I don't follow any other teams as closely as I follow the Reds. But I'm pretty confident that Fay is the best among them. In this piece, he takes a well-balanced and nuanced approach to the whole new school/old school thing regarding perceptions of Dusty Baker. I disagree with Fay on a few things here (ex. Joey Votto should definitely be hitting second), but I have nothing but the utmost respect for the way Fay handles it.

Joey Votto is impressed with Bryce Harper
And why shouldn't he be? Votto said to Ken Rosenthal over the weekend, "I'm not sure it's possible for (Harper) to fail." It seems like we've talking about him forever, but remember that this kid is only 20 years old. He looked pretty good to me over the weekend. And Joey knows hitting, so I'm willing to take his word.

Tom Schad at points out that Zack Cozart has been struggling mightily
since he was hit on the hand with a pitch on April 20. Since then, he's posted a brutal line of .174/.231/.174 in 27 PAs.

I don't know if the hand injury is more than he's letting on, but Dusty thinks he's just slumping a bit. (heads up, brah surfer analogy ahead) "He's just not swinging good," Baker said. "You guys come up with all these [numbers]. I tell my guys, quit counting. If you count, you're going to go 1-for-23. You just accept what's coming. You accept it. It's like surfing. When you catch a good wave, you just ride it all the way to the beach and then get off. If you start wondering about when you're going to fall off, you're going to fall off. Just ride it and start anew, start a new day."

I don't know. Maybe Cozart can't really grip the bat and so he cannot get much power behind his swing. Maybe the Reds just don't want to DL him because OF COURSE so they are going to play with a punchless shortstop (hitting in the two-hole, no less) for the next month and then figure it out later. Or maybe he's just fine and it's just 27 PAs and he'll have a monster May like the rest of the lineup. I don't want to see Cesar Izturis anyway.

Your Redlegs head to St. Louis for a three-game set against the Dreadbirds
Tonight features a compelling pitching matchup with Adam Wainwright and Mat Latos taking the hill. I predict the Reds will win, 11-0.

The Beach Boys will play a concert after the Reds-Cubs game on Sunday, May 26
That's Memorial Day weekend for those of you making plans. Your ticket the ballgame doubles as your ticket to the show. Not a bad deal, if you ask me.