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Washington, District of Cingrannati. Reds 5, Nats 2.

Reds' rookie phenom Tony Cingrani continued in his strikeout ways in helping the Reds avoid a 4 game sweep at the hands of the Nationals.

Kid's got everything...even great pitch-face.
Kid's got everything...even great pitch-face.

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Tony Cingrani. Really, has anyone in recent memory exceeded even our wildest expectations as much as the young lefty? The rookie blew past the Nationals' bats today in spectacular fashion, striking out 11 and allowing no runs, two hits, and one walk in his 6 IP. Thanks to our friends C. Trent Rosecrans and Joel Lock-hop on twitter, we also learned that Cingrani became the first Reds' rookie to strike out 11 batters in one game since Dennys Reyes in 1998 as well as the first Reds' lefty to strike out 11 batters in a game since Ron Villone in 2000 . Cingrani has compiled a 28/4 K/BB ratio in his 18 IP this season and is doing everything imaginable to convince the powers that be to keep him on the big league roster regardless of any personal decisions. It's hard to argue with the kid so far.

Honorable mentions are due to Zack Cozart, who was on base 3 of his 4 PAs today and drove in two runs; Joey Votto, who was 2 for 5 with a Votto-like double; and leading scorer Corky Miller, who picked up his first hit of the season, walked once, scored twice, made women swoon, and upped the overall coolness and credibility factor of our nation's capitol tenfold.

Key Plays

  • The Reds wasted no time in getting to Nats' starter Ross Detwiler, as Cozart singled, Votto doubled, and Brandon Phillips singled up the middle to score them both in the Top of the 1st. In the 2nd, Cingrani reached on an infield single for his first MLB hit, Choo reached on an error at 2B that also kept Cingrani on the bases, and after Cozart walked, Joey Votto singled to RF to score Cingrani. Phillips then hit a LIBP, and that ended the rally. Reds led, 3-0.
  • Dustyball was real in the Top of the 4th and, for once, it was spectacular. Corky thought Detwiler's pitch was weak, so he hit it off him for a single. Cingrani then sac bunted to move Miller to 2B, Choo grounded out to the right side of the infield to move him to 3B, and Cozart reached on an infield single to score the Corkster. Reds led, 4-0.
  • The Nats got one back in the 7th off Sam LeCure, as Ian Desmond singled and scored on Kurt Suzuki's double, but the Reds got that one right back in the Top of the 8th when Corky, Derrick Robinson, and Choo walked, and Choo scored on Cozart's sac fly. A Bryce Harper walk and run scored on Desmond's double in the Bottom of the 8th got one back for the Nats, but Aroldis Chapman shut them down in the 9th to end things. Reds win, 5-2!

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" height="450" width = "450" style="border:1px solid black;"></iframe><br /><span style="font-size:9pt;">Source: <a href="">FanGraphs</a></span>

Other Notes

  • You, we, us, all, everyone can pretty much agree that, on paper, Zack Cozart shouldn't be batting 2nd in the lineup, but he continues to produce reasonably well there. Reasonably, mind you.
  • I'm not going to look this up, but I'm going to assert that Brandon Phillips is leading the league in RBIs off of singles this year. Speaking of which, it's getting a bit hard to remember BP's scorching hot start. His line on the season after today? .272/.319/.447.
  • This is utterly remarkable: <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Tony Cingrani has 37 Ks and 6 BB in his first 23 MLB innings. Aroldis Chapman had 28 K and 13 BB in his first 23 MLB innings. <a href="">#Reds</a></p>&mdash; Joel Luckhaupt (@jluckhaupt) <a href="">April 28, 2013</a></blockquote>
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  • This seems like a Corky Miller song.
  • To St. Louis we go. It's high time for a Reds road winning streak.