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Red Retweeter: #Woo Tang Clan Ain't Nothin' to Fuss with

The week that was for the Reds on Twitter



The critics of "the woo" became more vocal this week on twitter. There are legitimate criticisms to be made, no doubt. Is "the woo" obnoxious? Probably. Does it lack organization? Of course. But the people who are wooing at the games are paying customers. They aren't screaming obscenities, or even negativity. They are simply having fun and cheering for the team they've paid to see. There are hundreds of things at the ballpark that I find obnoxious: the guy sitting behind me going on-and-on about how Jay Bruce will "never get it..." - the girl in my row who continues to scream, "marry me Joey Votto..." - the redneck who makes racist comments... The woo is far less obnoxious than any of these people, all of whom I run into nearly every game I go to. But if you are wooing, the Reds' assistant director of media relations feels the need to publicly mock you.

Hmmmm... "Desperate for attention, notice me!" That's kind of what I thought when I saw this...

After Jamie's attack on the wooers, some familiar faces started a defense...



The Best of the Rest

UPDATE... I forgot this one.