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Red Reposter - Giving the Blue Jerseys the Blues

Good stuff today from the boys at Baseball Nation and FanGraphs, as well as CBS Sports picking up on Teddy Kremer's story.

Hail Cesar!
Hail Cesar!
  • Don't look now (ok, well, actually look...that's why I'm doing this), but the Reds are getting double rep over at Baseball Nation. Yesterday, Rob Neyer took a look at Shin-Soo Choo's remarkable ability to be hit by pitches and the effect it's had on the Reds lineup. We've heard the rhetoric and cringing statistics regarding 2012 before (seriously, tell me the phrase .254 on-base percentage isn't burned into your brain by now), so at least it's nice to see that the improved performance of 2013's lineup is getting due dap, too. Today, Grant Brisbee got all googly eyed over Tony Cingrani much the way many of the Red Reporters have over the last year or so. Grant recounts some of the reasons that led to Tony C flying a bit under the radar, which are always cool to read. Cingrani takes the mound tonight against the Cubs at 7:10 PM Eastern.
  • There may not be a more divisive national writer who actually covers multiple sports than Gregg Doyel from He's been known to piss people off both with stories and in interviews, but he generally does it while producing some very enviable content. In his most recent piece, he picks up on this weekend's Todd Frazier/Ted Kremer interaction, and to me, at least, that's a story that I never want to see get old. We're fortunate as Reds fans to be living in somewhat of a Renaissance both with the play on the field but also with the personalities that are doing the performing. We get to follow a lot of really, really good guys, and Todd Frazier is certainly at the top of that list. Gregg noticed, too.
  • Over at Bleed Cubbie Blue, Al Yellon recaps last night's come from ahead loss by the Cubs, where he also has this to say, "We are now, again, unfortunately, at a point where I can compare this to "worst starts ever" by a Cubs team -- and this one, sadly, ranks up there. Only five teams in Cubs history have begun worse than 5-13 in their first 18 games." Pat yourself on the back for not being a Cubs fan.
  • FanGraphs also has a double dose of Reds related info up right now, both of which are well done and worth reading. Jeff Sullivan gives his take on the early season target on Choo's back, complete with gifs and jokes and John Madden-esque yellow lines on pictures! Also there is a Q and A session between David Laurila and Reds pitching coach Bryan Price.
  • Our SB Nation Saberfriends over at Beyond the Boxscore took notice of Joey Votto's walking prowess and broke it down further into plenty of abbreviations and numbers. Jokes aside, it's a quality look at placing value on taking a walk...something that's been a solid conversation point in these parts so far this season.
  • Also, it appears the Latos family is putting down some roots. Now all we/they/us need is a little 6 year contract extension to make everybody happy.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Our offer was accepted on a house! We might not be homeless anymore! Is this an appropriate time to be excited?</p>&mdash; Dallas Latos(@DallasLatos) <a href="">April 23, 2013</a></blockquote>
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