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Devin Mesoraco is your starting catcher... how will he do?

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Norm Hall

The Reds announced today that Ryan Hanigan will go on the DL with a left oblique strain. They've selected the contract of Corky Miller from Louisville and moved Nick Masset to the 60-day DL.

What does this mean for the team currently? It means that for the time being, Devin Mesoraco will get his first extended chance to start at the big league level. Mes has had a better season at the plate so far than Hanigan (although limited), going .273/.414/.409 so far.

The place where Hanigan will be missed the most is behind the plate. So far this season, Reds pitchers are over a run worse in ERA with Mesoraco, though it's unclear how much effect the fact that Cueto and Latos have pitched almost exclusively to Hanigan in the last two years. The experience will be good for Mes though, and he'll have Hanigan to help him bridge that gap with these pitchers.

This move also brings back Corky Miller, who has become somewhat of a cult favorite in recent years. He won't be expected to provide much other than veteran guidance and his awesome mustache, but is at the very least a serviceable backup.

How do you think Mesoraco will handle the starting gig for the near future?