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Reds' players favorite Red Reporters

A Friday List

Joe Robbins

I had an opportunity to sit down with a number of Reds' players recently. They are all very familiar with our operation here, and so I asked them about their favorite members of our community.

  • Todd Frazier - "My favorite Red Reporter is Charlie Scrabbles. That guy is hilarious and insightful."
  • Jay Bruce - "Oh, easily my favorite is Charlie Scrabbles. I have that guy's work in my RSS feed."
  • Bronson Arroyo - "Scrabbles is fantastic. He is so insightful and intelligent."
  • Sean Marshall - "I don't really read the internet all that much, to be honest. But I read everything Charlie Scrabbles writes."
  • Mat Latos - "I love Charlie Scrabbles' work. When I get free time, sometimes I'll read back through his catalog. He's been doing this for years and he's just getting better."
  • Johnny Cueto - "Reading Charlie Scrabbles has helped me learn to speak English."
  • Homer Bailey - "I wish I could shoot the internet. I hate it. But that Scrabbles puts me in stitches."
  • Mike Leake - "Man, it's tough to decide. They all do such great work over there. But if I had to choose, I'd say Charlie Scrabbles."
  • Joey Votto - "Red Reporter? I don't know who that is."