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Red Retweeter: From Demon Days to Feels Good

Are we the last living souls?


On Saturday the Reds were in the process of losing their 4th straight game to division rivals, on their way to being swept by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Today the Reds are riding a 4-game winning streak, after one of the more enjoyable and inspiring games you'll every see. In weeks like this, you see everything that twitter has to offer. Follow @RedRetweeter


If you follow John Fay on twitter, you are used to seeing these kind of questions. I sometimes wonder if these poeple are just trolls of some sort, or if people are really this crazy, A "must-win" 11 games into the season? Well played Fay.

Replace the #WOO with #CHOO

Choo has quickly become a fan favorite in this Queen City. It's no surprise, the dude has been really great at the plate. People don't like it when Dusty forces him to make an out...

Speaking of bunts, and Dustyball... The Vole offered this up:


Alright... You get the point.


Jackie Robinson day brought us some great stuff. In a fitting tribute to the man that broke the color barrier in baseball, Brandon Phillips provided the game winning RBI with young Derrick Robinson scoring the go ahead run.



The night started with some negativity. Young Jose Fernandez looked spectacular through the first couple of innings, and Marty was echoing the P-Doc garbage...


The Rest of the Week

Learning Spanish with H-Rod

Hehe, Drunk Dusty loves Hoover.