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Red Reposter - Roll Time

With a 7 game homestand on deck against the woeful Marlins and Cubs, the perfect scenario exists for the Reds to hit their stride. Keep in mind that when that stretch is up, they hit the road for 4 against the Nationals and 3 more in St. Louis. Make hay while the sun shines, fellas.

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I'm going to beg the Reds to only draft guys with high socks.
I'm going to beg the Reds to only draft guys with high socks.
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I wonder if P-Doc reads Jayson Stark's articles. I'm going to go ahead and guess he doesn't. I'm also going to go ahead and guess he doesn't really read anybody else's articles, either. He just reads his three, four, maybe even five times. He has to, right? How else would he know when to perfectly time his usage of italics, bold, and CAPS LOCK? Well, if he did bother to read Stark's piece, he'd notice that there are plenty, PLENTY of MLB "Stars" who aren't necessarily earning their paychecks so far this season. Not one of them? Joey Votto and his .925 OPS.

Today marks the official beginning of the Tony Cingrani Era in Cincinnati. FanGraphs' Carson Cistulli gives a quick and dirty breakdown of Cingrani, and basically informs you RR's what you already should know from reading your daily Farmer's Only reports: Cingrani relies heavily on his deceptively fast fastball (which can hit 96 but sits comfortably about 93), but he's beginning to develop a bit of a breaking ball which should do nothing but help his gaudy K/BB numbers.

Doug Gray from has some more in depth scouting on Cingrani's stuff, and he's been pretty impressed with his breaking pitches so far this season. It will be interesting to see how effective Cingrani is against tonight's Marlins lineup, who despite being punchless in almost every way happens to lead the National League in fewest strikeouts with just 89. Cingrani has relied on strikeouts heavily in the minors; I'll be anxious to see how effectively he pitches to contact.

Cingrani certainly seems like a confident one. If I was him (which I'm not), I'd totally take a look at my stats (which I can't...I have no stats) and think I was capable of throwing a perfect game, too (I can't.) Can't fault the kid for optimism, though.

It looks as if Marlins' slugger Giancarlo Stanton will return to the lineup during the series. Stanton has missed six straight games with a bruised shoulder, which may have also been hampering his production during the 9 games he was active. Stanton, who hit clubbed 37 Hüsker Dü's in just 449 PAs last year, has struggled out of the gate, hitting just .167 with zero HR, but his presence will surely help an otherwise Placido Polanco-led (stop laughing) Marlins' offense. Also noted in that article is the return to the lineup of former Red Austin Kearns, who was hospitalized earlier this season with an irregular heartbeat. Good to see Kearnsie back on the field.

In other news, some people just cannot be helped:

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