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Red Retweeter: Introductory Post

May I illuminate the nameless faceless saints of this out and open grace?

Welcome to Red Retweeter, a new weekly feature where we wrap up the week that was in the Reds twitterverse. The internet, and twitter more specifically, can be an ugly place. However, somewhere buried beneath all of the garbage, some terrific insight and great humor can be found. While we will occasionally dive into the mucky-muck, the focus of this feature will be on those with tweets of substance. Those of you on twitter can follow us @RedRetweeter


Last Friday, the Reds were gearing up for their 4th game of the season. When the lineups were announced, Devin Mesoraco was yet again nowhere to be found.


The catching situation has received plenty of press since last week, but it was last Friday when many really started to wonder about the team's handling of Mesoraco. His appearance behind the plate for Bailey's last start helped to alleviate some of the fear that Mes will only get one start a week, but don't expect this controversy to go away anytime soon.


The tweet from the Reds is neat! The 2012 Reds didn't use the same lineup 3 games in a row the entire regular season. That seems impossible, but when you consider the Votto injury and the catching situation it makes sense.


(Just for you KMiB)

Before the rough outing this Wednesday, Bailey was on quite the roll. His last start notwithstanding, there are still plenty of reasons to be optimistic when it comes to young Bailey.


Nights like last Friday, when the Reds dominate, can be a lot of fun on twitter. Even in the middle of a highly entertaining ass-whooping, the folks on twitter don't miss an opportunity to take shots at some in the local media.


I'm not sure why anyone really cares about power rankings, especially from ESPN. Still, the point is valid. ESPN and the national sports media really don't give the Reds the love they deserve. Jonah Keri at Grantland on the other hand...

The Rest

Jay Bruce is the new whipping boy for disgruntled Reds fans on twitter. Sigh...

Well, that's it for today kids. We hope this edition of Twitter on the Reporter helped to illuminate the nameless faceless saints of this out and open grace.