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The Founding of Lutzembourg: A Video Check-in with Donald Lutz

He's just the best, isn't he?

I could get used to this
I could get used to this

As one of the greatest days of the year gets underway, we here at Red Reporter would like to share with you one of the greatest days of our year, and a day that will be heralded for years to come as "Knockwurst Day," marking the birth of the great nation of Lutzembourg.

Donald Lutz is an awesome dude. Extremely approachable, very friendly, and cool as a Kolsch to talk to. Despite being given some misinformation just prior to the interview, the Knockwurst rolled with the punches and had a great sense of humor about everything. He touches on international affairs and cuisine, trash-talking, adjusting to the OF, and reflects on his career all before we're rudely interrupted by some punk autograph hound. Jeez. Some people. Enjoy!