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Opening Daylist

The nights are getting warmer / It won't be long.

Scott Halleran

Opening Daylist by Red Reporter on Grooveshark

This playlist is a sampler of Cincinnati-area bands and thematically-appropriate songs for Opening Day. The songs below don't all appear. It's 2013, where are my jetpacks and embeddable, Borgesian music-streaming services?

"The Boys are Back in Town" - Thin Lizzy

Thin Lizzy may be from Ireland, but it's easy enough to see why this song has been played at Great American Ballpark to punctuate Reds' victories. The soaring riff and triumphal theme of masculine return are pretty spot-on. And there isn't a better pairing of rich guitar tone and lyric content to approximate the beginning of a baseball season:

The nights are getting warmer, it won't be long
Won't be long till summer comes
Now that the boys are here again

"Talkin' Baseball" (Reds Edition, 1983) - Terry Cashman

Apparently Terry Cashman has done several of these for the Reds, but this '83 edition was the one I could find on YouTube. I didn't look up whether he was related to Yanks' GM Brian Cashman, but either way, his name fits his enterprise pretty well.

The Cincinnati Kid - Ray Charles

There isn't a "Cincinnati Kid" like Rose or Larkin on the current Reds' squad, but if the Reds were to pick up Votto's 2024 option, he will have been in the Reds' organization for 22 of his 40 years. Despite being from Toronto, he'll be as much a Cincinnati Kid as any of us.

1987 Reds Open

This isn't a song, per se. It's a demo key from a Casio synthesizer. But if your earliest memories of watching baseball included intro sequences like this, it's also dripping with nostalgia.

"Cincinnati Hat" - Showtime

There's no "Empire State of Mind" for the Queen City, but this does the job.

There's more in the Grooveshark playlist above.