Extra! Extra! A preview of the best Cubs team in years!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Well, I'll be damned, gentlemen! The Cubs just won the World Series! "Tinker to Evers to Chance" has been the mantra in Chicago all summer long, and it's paid off for them handsomely! Especially that Evers, boy, that Johnny Evers sure is something! Almost like that automobile they just produced up in Detroit… they call it the Model T!

This promises to be a heck of an offseason, a real barnburner. The big story in the news has been the death of those bandits from out west… Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. They'd make good sense to make one of those moving pictures about them in the future… 6 decades from now ought to do it.

Quite frankly, folks, I'm not sure if the Cubs for next year can repeat, but I think 2013 will be their best shot in a long time! Their rotation will be anchored by Matt Garza, who's no Mordecai Brown but should be good for 320 good innings or so. They'll have Jeff Samardzija there too, whose ancestors hail from a country whose name will change 3 times before he pitches in the big leagues. They'll have that Edwin Jackson, too, and Scott Baker… and Carlos Marmol closing the games out! Edwin Jackson was born in Germany, which makes me wonder how they got him over here… what they really need is a large ship, which hopefully won't sink a few years from now.

In the infield they have Darwin Barney, who just won something called the Golden Glove! I sincerely hope that award came honestly, and not at the expense of someone more deserving. Now folks, this Anthony Rizzo they have at first base may not be Frank Chance - heck, he doesn't even manage the team - but he's a young player with quite the reputation. They got him in a trade with the San Diego Padres, which… I guess there's another 60 years before they'll be around here too.

Their outfielders may be even better, with Scott Hairston and Alfonso Soriano manning the corners… they're both of hispanic descent, which I have no concept of now because it hasn't happened yet. It'll be interesting to see black players in baseball too… almost 40 years from now should do it.

It's been fun previewing this team with you guys, and this 2013 team will be the Cubs best chance at a winner in over 100 years. And if not… well, there's always next year… right, Cubs fans?