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Spring training record: DISREGARD

The score is Q to 12.


Spring training weirds the stat lines - both on the individual and team levels.

Last season, for instance, the Twins, Red Sox, Padres, Mariners and Blue Jays were all in the Top 10 in spring winning percentage. And the Cubs and Rockies also had winnings records. All of those teams finished last or second-last in their respective divisions during the regular season.

Over the last five seasons, eventual playoff teams have had losing spring records almost half the time (48%). The teams we imagine to be the cream of the crop in a given season are even odds to be losers in the spring. That may have something to do with those teams seeing less competition for rosters sports, but probably much more to do with the fact that spring has so many sources of irregularity.

In their two playoff seasons this century, the Reds have posted losing records in the springs (2012: 15-17, 2010: 12-16). In 2007 - the Reds' worst season in the Bronson Arroyo Era - they went 18-12 in the spring.

It's all a reminder that spring is a month's worth of games, played by a weird conglomeration of players, alongside various levels of effort and experimentation, in conditions that favor a different set of skills than the regular season.