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Red Reposter - "The Test Begins...NOW"

Four games in three days to wrap-up spring training.

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Spring training is coming to an end this week, as the Reds will take Sunday off to prepare for Opening Day. If you'll be joining us for Game 2, make sure you've got all the details. It's going to be fun, me thinks.

  • David Laurila at FanGraphs has an awesome interview with Bronson Arroyo - Say what you will about Bronson, the dude knows his craft. He talks about his repertoire and how he really "only" throws four or five pitches. The variations, as he points out, come from changing his arm angle. Really good stuff.
  • Baker talks about the catching rotation and Votto sliding - It's probably safe to assume that Hanigan will catch Arroyo, Cueto and Latos while Mesoraco will catch Leake and Bailey. A 60/40 split seems logical to me. Don't be surprised if Mesoraco gets hot and earns more playing time, closer to a 50/50 split. Meanwhile, Votto is getting more comfortable with sliding.
  • Redleg Nation 2013 Preview: Bullpen - The bullpen remains a strength this year, in large part because its best pitcher is returning to the closer role.
  • FanGraphs Positional Power Rankings Wrap-Up - If you're not familiar, they've been ranking the MLB teams by position over at FanGraphs. Overall, the Reds rank as the 6th best team in baseball according to their system. Areas of strength are obvious... They rank the Reds #1 at first-base, #5 in right-field, and #7 at second-base. They're not as high on the rotation as many of us are, mainly because they believe the aforementioned Bronson Arroyo will regress.
  • Baseball Prospectus: Top 10 Reds Prospects - 7 of the top 10 are pitchers, which is a good thing, I think.... The list:
  1. CF Billy Hamilton
  2. RHP Robert Stephenson
  3. LHP Tony Cingrani
  4. RHP Daniel Corcino
  5. RHP Nick Travieso
  6. LHP Ismael Guillon
  7. OF Jesse Winker
  8. OF Jonathan Reynoso
  9. RHP Kyle Lotzkar
  10. RHP Dan Langfield

They also list "Top 10 Talents 25 And Under (born 4/1/87 or later)." Just look at this list. Five of these guys are already major contributors at the MLB level, and two more are knocking on the door to the Bigs. The future is very bright in Cincy...

  1. Jay Bruce
  2. Mat Latos
  3. Aroldis Chapman
  4. Devin Mesoraco
  5. Billy Hamilton
  6. Robert Stephenson
  7. Mike Leake
  8. Tony Cingrani
  9. Daniel Corcino
  10. Nick Travieso