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Game 2: Let's Get Jazzed Up Thread (UPDATE: ONE TICKET UP FOR GRABS)


Tickets for this year's Game 2 celebration have been purchased! We're sitting in section 144, which is a few sections over from where we were last year, and have parts of 3 rows between E and G. So, better seats than last year.

Pricing: The price of these seats went up from last year, but it isn't too much different. The face value is $31 for these, but we're getting them for $27. If you're local and able to pay me before next Wednesday, that'd be ideal, otherwise I expect payment on game day. This worked out perfectly last year, and considering you guys aren't weirdos, this shouldn't be a problem this year either.

Meetup: Brothers on the Levee. I'll be aiming to get there between 5 and 5:30, and we'll be able to figure things out from there. We'll probably plan on walking over around 6:45, as we generally like to have a beer in hand before first pitch. If you can't make it there and need to meet us later, send me an email and we can arrange something. If I don't hear from you, I'm expecting to see you at Brothers. We like this place because parking is cheap and their happy hour is as good as it gets.

Postgame: Who the hell knows. We'll play it by ear.

Even if you're not getting in on our seats, we'd still love for anyone and everyone who's able to meet up to come to Brothers and hang out for a bit. We don't bite. Or if you'd rather find us at the game, feel free to stop by our section, we're pretty hard to miss.

Here's the list as of now:

BK (2)
FordhamRam (2)
3 Fast
joshuar (2)
Ash (2)
Mads (2)
Mr. Redlegs Posse (2)
New Guy
WhoDeyAJ (3)
Red Menace

That leaves us at 24, which means that I have one extra ticket (had to get 25 to get the group discount). That'll go to the first person who comments that they want it in the thread, so if you couldn't commit before but can now, get on it. First come, first served.

UPDATE: Red Menace beat you to it.

UPDATE: You stragglers may have just lucked out. Mads is bowing out (boooo), so his two tickets he had reserved are up for grabs. First come, first served.

UPDATE: Graham has one. One left.

UPDATE: FordhamEwe gets the last one. None left, for now. You snooze you lose, until someone else cancels.

Hope to see you there!

UPDATE: Ash is sick and can't make it. First come first serve on the last ticket. Readysetgo!