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Red Reposter - Lots of bad news

In this issue, we discuss an avalanche of health-related issues, ranging in severity from the potentially life-threatening to the ouchy boo-boos.


Reds 3B coach Mark Berry has cancer
He announced yesterday that he has been diagnosed with cancer in his tonsil and lymph nodes. The prognosis looks positive, as doctors think it is localized and not very advanced. Everyone here at Red Reporter gives Berry a tip of the cap, a point at the belt buckle, and a swipe across the numbers in hopes that he recovers quickly.

The Reds are no strangers to this kind of thing, as Dusty Baker has battled prostate cancer and Eric Davis has kicked colon cancer's ass. Berry's sister also survived a bout with cancer some years ago, so it seems like Berry is not lacking for sympathetic ears in his situation.

Bronson Arroyo took a line drive off his pitching hand yesterday
"I thought this knuckle had exploded," said Arroyo, pointing to the outside of his right hand. "But none of it is broke ... Luckily my hand was kind of relaxed and my fingers weren't up. It just hit so hard. I thought for sure this knuckle was shattered." X-rays were all negative, so luckily it isn't nearly as bad as it could have been. Of course, Arroyo is a tough old bastard, so he will most likely not miss a start. "I'll pitch," Arroyo said. "I have some work to do. It's going to be a few more hours in the training room, contrasting it and taking a few more drugs."

More injury news
Mat Latos took a one-hopper off his ankle in Saturday's game. X-rays were negative, but he says he's still a bit sore. "It doesn't hurt too bad today, but it did yesterday," Latos said. "I can walk on it. I don't have to use crutches." It doesn't seem serious, but I have a hunch that this could linger a bit and bump Latos' season debut back a few days. Ankles hurt like a son of a bitch, so the Reds may opt to give him a few extra days and push him back to the fourth or fifth spot in the rotation to begin the season.

Jason Donald has a sore knee
after colliding with a baserunner at second. Donald has performed relatively well so far this spring, but the Reds may opt to go with Cesar Izturis instead when final cuts are made.

Drew Silva at Harball Talk previews the Reds
They do good work over there, and this piece is no exception. He doesn't really say anything you don't already know, but it's a good refresher course for you if you've been watching basketball all winter.

The money line: "Prediction: First place in the National League Central, surpassing 100 victories."