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Red Reposter: Indecision 2013

Failure to Launch: The Story of Aroldis Chapman and the 2013 Reds

Doug Pensinger

Reds not ready to announce Aroldis' role

Mark Sheldon confirmed that the rumors of Chapman moving back to the bullpen are not true . . . yet. Both Walt Jocketty and Dusty Baker said that the club has not yet reached a verdict concerning Chapman's role. This decision has become such a circus.

Cincinnati Reds SS Zack Cozart Needs to Take a Step Forward in 2013

This is an odd article from the "Yahoo! Contributor Network". The author, Andrew J. Roth, admits that Cozart was a good fielding shortstop by UZR due to his range and arm. However, Roth believes that Cozart's 14 errors were too many. The rest of the piece covers the shortstop's lack of patience at the plate.

Redleg Nation 2013 Season Preview: The Rotation, Part 2

Jason Linden breaks down Homer Bailey and Bronson Arroyo for the coming season.

I'll start with Bailey. I know a lot of people are high on him after the way he finished last year. I am less so. First, he's had trouble staying healthy. Second, he's had hot streaks before. Third, the peripherals say he's been the same pitcher for about three years (and almost exactly the same for the last 2).

Bailey is entering his peak years, and that's something that has to be acknowledged. He also strikes out batters at a decent clip. He could certainly have a big year and his ceiling is certainly higher than Bronson's, but I just don't see anything, big picture, that makes me think it's going to click all of a sudden.

True Blue LA: What's in a number?

Former Red Aaron Harang switched from number 44 to 41 for this season in order to honor Joe Nuxhall. It's a real shame that a likable, talented player like Harang spent his best years with such bad teams in Cincinnati.

Edgar Renteria officially retires from baseball

"I'm definitely retired from baseball and it will soon be announced in the majors," Renteria said, according to a rough translation of his comments at CBS Sports. "I decided to retire from baseball and try to spend all my time with my family.

"I always wanted Colombia to know before the rest of the world. This is my official retirement," he added. "I feel proud, I feel satisfied with what I did, my heart is telling me that's enough and it's time to retire. You have to know when to retire and that's why I took a year and a half to rest and think about what I was going to do. This is the right time."