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Spring Training Eyewitness Report: Red Reporter Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass

Our Saturday night in Arizona presented us with a unique opportunity, as the World Baseball Classic was in town at the same time, and we had the night free. We decided it'd be best to head down to Chase Field and see Team USA play Italy. We're pretty happy with our choice.

First, Chase Field. Very clean, very sterile environment. The roof was up, so it was basically like watching a baseball game in an airplane hangar. Lots of vendors everywhere, which was appreciated, and you could definitely tell it was a newer stadium (considering there's a gym in LF). Viewpoints are pretty decent from everywhere we looked, but the upper deck was closed off so we couldn't check that out.

The game itself was AWESOME. One of the best sporting events I've ever attended. Energy was electric there from the first pitch to last, and people were being generally patriotic too. Your Red Reporters didn't disappoint, as we spent a lot of the game heckling Italian players and starting chants based off of famous Americans. (ABE-RAHAM LINC-OLN! /clap /clap /clapclapclap)

In addition to the photos above, we've even got video of the final out: