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RR Fantasy Baseball: Play Ball!



Since all the leagues have now been created, I have updated and bumped this thread.

TIER ONE (-MBP commisioner)

League ID: 131020

Password: honkbal

TIER TWO (FordhamRam commissioner)

League ID: 131406

Password: honkbal

TIER THREE (ClayMC commissioner)

League ID: 136049

Password: honkbal

TIER FOUR (knightofsebastian commissioner)

League ID: 134608

Password: barrylurkin

If everyone in Tiers 2-4 could use their RR handle as their team name until the draft is complete, that would help keeping track of who is in and who has yet to sign up much easier. Thanks.

The league scoring will be Rotisserie 6 x 6 with the following scoring categories:

Hits, HR, SB, Runs, OBP, SLG // K, ERA, WHIP, IP, SV, QS

We will do a live draft on Sunday March 24 starting at 7:45pm ET.

Here is the breakdown in case you forgot what tier you are in: