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Cactus League 2013 Game 9: Reds @ Royals. Latos vs. Santana


Cincinnati Reds @ Kansas City Royals

Friday, March 1, 2013

3:05 PM EST
Suprise Stadium, Surprise, AZ

Mat Latos v. Ervin Santana

RADIO: WSAI; WEB: Audio, Gameday

There's no point in getting lathered up about spring lineups, but there's often not much else to talk about with these games. The thing I don't like about hitting Mesoraco last is that he's one of those guys who needs the reps - and, ostensibly, is competing for a spot with Miguel Olivo. Dusty's insistence on hitting most of his catchers behind everyone but the pitcher has always been mildly annoying, but at least this year Cozart is likely to be hitting in his rightful placce.

Don't hurt yourselves.




Jeff Francoeur.



CINCINNATI REDS Kansas city royals
Ryan LaMarre CF
Alex Gordon LF
Emmanuel Burriss 2B Alcides Escobar SS
Jay Bruce RF
Billy Butler 1B
Ryan Ludwick DH Mike Moutsakas 3B
Donald Lutz 1B
Salvador Perez C
Todd Frazier 3B Jeff Francoeur RF
Chris Heisey LF Xavier Nady DH
Zack Cozart SS Chris Getz 2B
Devin Mesoraco C
Jarrod Dyson CF