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Red Reposter: Three is a magic number

Has Aroldis Chapman found his third pitch?

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Norm Hall

Aroldis Chapman and the elusive third pitch

The Reds' flame-throwing lefty mixed in "a couple of split[ter]s and one changeup" during his dominant two-inning performance on Thursday. Dayn Perry also points out that a third pitch such as a split-finger or a changeup will help lessen any possible platoon split for Chapman. Both pitches feature vertical movement that plays better against opposite-handed batters.

Prediction: Votto to play for Canada

After speaking with Dusty Baker, Walt Jocketty, and others, Hal McCoy believes that Joey Votto will wear the maple leaf this spring.

Emerick: Prospect Soto may shift to third base

"They're talking about it, because he came up a third baseman, then really improved as a first baseman," Reds manager Dusty Baker said. "Those two positions are mirror images, plus he has a good throwing arm. So, he could play third base."

Soto hit .272 with 30 home runs in 2011 for Double-A Carolina. Last season, he hit another 14 long balls for Triple-A Louisville, despite battling back spasms for a chunk of the year.

Redleg Nation: The Aroldis Chapman Project — Part Two

Richard Fitch discusses four possible approaches to limiting Chapman's workload this season.

Rodriguez shows his talent

Yorman Rodriguez continues to flash his tools, but Dusty Baker is still waiting for the 20 year-old to put everything together at the ballpark.

Cueto enjoys just standing on the mound

Hal McCoy reports that Johnny Cueto is glad to pitch again, regardless of the results.

Mark Prior in camp with the Reds

Dusty Baker and the former Cubs standout have kept in touch over the years. John Fay reports that Prior asked Baker for one more chance. Prior threw 25 innings for Boston's AAA affiliate in Pawtucket last season. He struck out 38 batters, but also walked 23 hitters, a Steve Blass-ian total.

Reds Outfield: Depth Chart Discussions

Fangraphs' Howard Bender gives us a nice high-level overview of the Cincinnati outfield for fantasy purposes.