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2013 CPR: If Being the #20 Prospect is Wrong, Then It's Also Wright

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Overachieving infielder Ryan Wright takes home the #20 spot.

Wonder if she cheered on the baseball team too?
Wonder if she cheered on the baseball team too?

Second baseman Ryan Wright, a University of Louisville product, is more well-rounded than exceptional in any one category. By all accounts, he does everything adequately and nothing amazingly. He's a good baserunner with solid contact skills, knows how to take a walk, and should stick at 2B. He had 50 XBH last year, which is encouraging, though Chris Valaika did the same thing at the same stage of his career. If he can keep up the contact and plate discipline as he moves up the organizational ladder, he'll see time in the majors, but whether he's a utility player or a starter is yet to be determined. More new names today as we get towards the end, so you have more to argue about!

Highest 2012 Level: AA (Pensacola Blue Wahoos)
Eye-Poppingest Fact: 1:1 K:BB ratio in 399 PAs in 2012
Most Worrisome Fact: Lack of HR power
Alias(es): The Hellflower
Best Case Scenario: 4th OF with an outside shot at starting

The Hellflower is a bit old for his level, but he hit .314/.409 /.420 last year in AA. The OBP is great, and he struck out as many times as he walked (54), though he doesn't have much power to speak of. A slap hitter who will have to keep walking and making good contact to stick, this is probably a make-or-break year for him.

Highest 2012 Level: Rookie Leagues (Billings Mustangs)
Eye-Poppingest Fact: Tall, athletic power lefty who can touch 96 with his fastball; 50% GB rate (SSS)
Most Worrisome Fact: Relative lack of baseball experience due to unrealistic dreams of playing basketball which he should give up on and definitely commit to baseball because let's be honest, he's not making the NBA.
Alias(es): ??
Best Case Scenario: Above-average starting pitcher.

Here's a guy you can dream on. Garrett pitched just 20 innings last year after joining the organization upon completion of the St. Johns basketball season. The 6'5" lefty has a fastball that sits low-mid 90s, but he's still just so, so raw that he's a total lottery ticket.

Highest 2012 Level: Low A (Dayton Dragons)
Eye-Poppingest Fact: Not a single thing stands out as of yet, but he is starting to put everything together slowly but surely.
Most Worrisome Fact: 151 strikeouts to 49 walks so far in his professional career.
Alias(es): Waldrop-Astoria; "Brick" Waldrop
Best Case Scenario: 4th outfielder with a chance to be a starter, maybe?

Highest 2012 Level:
Rookie League (Billings Mustangs)
Eye-Poppingest Fact: 4.33 K/BB
Most Worrisome Fact: Low ceiling, unproven
Alias(es): Gopper; The Muskrat
Best Case Scenario: Mid-rotation potential. Mike Leake-type?

Moscot was a 4th-round pick out of college in 2012, so he didn't see a lot of innings, having pitched a full season for Pepperdine. He's got a pretty diverse arsenal, with a fastball, splitter, changeup, and slider that are all at least average, and John Sickels says the fastball and slider are potential above-average offerings. If everything breaks right and he continues his pinpoint control, he could be a nice mid-rotation starter.

Highest 2012 Level:
Rookie League (Billings Mustangs)
Eye-Poppingest Fact: 8 HRs in 46 games of pro ball
Most Worrisome Fact: 2 HRs his ENTIRE college career
Alias(es): 3-Brean Casserole
Best Case Scenario: "Generic cop out answer because I have no idea"

Highest 2012 Level: AA (Pensacola Blue Wahoos)
Eye-Poppingest Fact: 3.83 K/BB in Pensacola, survived a shark attack.
Most Worrisome Fact: May be destined for the bullpen if he can't develop a third pitch.
Alias(es): Sharkbait; Mister Rogers; Hanging Chad Rogers
Best Case Scenario: Back of the rotation starter.