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Red Reposter: The lights are always on at Spring Training

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"Winter, slumbering in the open air, wears on its smiling face a dream... of spring" - Coleridge/Murray

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Kevin C. Cox

Walt has 4 of MLB's remaining 15 arbitration cases on his desk
Choo, Latos, Bailey and Leake remain unsettled. Like most teams, the Reds have been good at avoiding a showdown. I'd expect Leake to get done soon, especially since he probably overshot with his ask and seems like he has the least leverage. Bailey and Latos may both be held up by multi-year deal negotiations. Choo, however, could get interesting. As a rental player, neither side necessarily has to make concessions or be nice. If payroll room is as tight as the Reds' acrobatic accounting suggests, they might drive a hard bargain. Meanwhile, as an established player in his third time through the process, Choo may be confident he picked the right number.

The Caribbean Series is underway
Courtesy of Flip Flop Fly Ballin', here's the schedule (all times ET). There are a number of Reds on these teams, Daniel Corcino and Wilkin de la Rosa suit up for Leones de Escogido (Lions of the Chosen) today at 3.

For a preview of the series, here's "A Barely Informed Preview of the Caribbean Series" from FanGraphs
The Series is streaming via Watch ESPN and also ESPN Deportes.

Fay takes a look at the roster crunch
in Logjammin' III: Bull Penn's Baaaadaaasssss Song. There will be some interesting position battles heading into camp; though, if Rolen doesn't come back and Masset starts the season on the DL, there kinda won't be.

Blog Red Machine asks How Will Shin-Soo Choo’s Defense Affect The Reds In 2013?
I guess I'm in the camp that says Bruce should be manning CF, but I also think we just don't know how below-average Choo will be out there. There are some metrics that are pretty brutal, while nFRAA says Choo has been above-average in RF three out of the last four years. There are also other metrics that say those metrics are worthless.

Here's a little write-up on Michigander Ryan LaMarre from his local paper
LaMarre has an invite to big boys camp this year. Now that Cool Papa Bill is playing CF and LaMarre is entering his fourth year in the Reds' system, it's easy to put him on the back-burner. But let's not forget he can get on base and CF. The Reds will pretty much always be searching for a player with that skillset.