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2013 Community Prospect Rankings Sponsored by NewMiOFit™: Tucker Barnhart is the #19 Prospect

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Ride the Snake

Rob Carr

Switch hitting catchers that can get on base, hold their own defensively, and rock some serious #dadhat don't grow on trees. The only thing stopping Tucker Barnhart from being able to crack a Major League lineup will be his bat. There isn't much power to project, so he needs to continue to keep his walk rate up to provide value at the plate.

Another young position player is added to the list today.


Highest 2012 Level: Low A (Dayton Dragons)
Eye-Poppingest Fact: Not a single thing stands out as of yet, but he is starting to put everything together slowly but surely.
Most Worrisome Fact: 151 strikeouts to 49 walks so far in his professional career.
Alias(es): ???
Best Case Scenario: 4th outfielder with a chance to be a starter, maybe?

Highest 2012 Level:
Rookie League (Billings Mustangs)
Eye-Poppingest Fact: 4.33 K/BB
Most Worrisome Fact: Low ceiling, unproven
Alias(es): Gopper; The Muskrat
Best Case Scenario: Hard to say, but he's got mid-rotation potential. Mike Leake-type?

Moscot was a 4th-round pick out of college in 2012, so he didn't see a lot of innings, having pitched a full season for Pepperdine. He's got a pretty diverse arsenal, with a fastball, splitter, changeup, and slider that are all at least average, and John Sickels says the fastball and slider are potential above-average offerings. If everything breaks right and he continues his pinpoint control, he could be a nice mid-rotation starter.

Highest 2012 Level:
Rookie League (Billings Mustangs)
Eye-Poppingest Fact: 8 HRs in 46 games of pro ball
Most Worrisome Fact: 2 HRs his ENTIRE college career
Alias(es): 3-Brean Casserole
Best Case Scenario: "Generic cop out answer because I have no idea"

Highest 2012 Level: AA (Pensacola Blue Wahoos)
Eye-Poppingest Fact: 3.83 K/BB in Pensacola, survived a shark attack.
Most Worrisome Fact: May be destined for the bullpen if he can't develop a third pitch.
Alias(es): Sharkbait; Mister Rogers; Hanging Chad Rogers
Best Case Scenario: Back of the rotation starter.

Highest 2012 Level: High-A (Bakersfield Blaze)
Eye-Poppingest Fact: .806 OPS with solid defense in his first two pro seasons.
Most Worrisome Fact: Has only shown power in hitter friendly leagues. 17 strikeouts with only 2 walks in Bakersfield.
Alias(es): Ryan "If Loving You is Wrong, I Don't Want to Be" Wright
Best Case Scenario: Major League utility guy with the chance to be a starter if things break (W)right.